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23/175 Millwater Parkway (09) 320 0873 Enrolment Form and Questionnaire 我们提供华语医生服务


Silverdale Medical is a private practice that is proudly physician owned and physician led.

  • We place a lot of focus on clinical excellence and collaborative practice.
  • We are a teaching centre.
  • We recruit, supervise and integrate global practitioners that qualify for an APC in New Zealand.
  • We are a fast-growing company that serves a registered population of more than 18000 patients, and serves the Urgent Care needs of the Hibiscus Coast.
  • We support our clinical staff by embracing collaborative learning models.  We work  together to teach and learn from each other.

We employ:

  • General Practice Doctors (GPEP, and FELLOWS)
  • Urgent Care Doctors
  • Nurses (General Practice and Urgent Care)
  • Medical Administrators
  • Medial Receptionists

We are looking to expand our services to include:

  • Nurse Practitioners (General Practice, Paediatric, and/or Urgent Care)

If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity with Silverdale Medical, please send a CV and cover letter expressing your objectives to